Joseph Hyrum Levi

December 30, 1844 - June 29, 1902


Joseph Hyrum Levi is my Great Great Uncle on my mother's side of the family.

Joseph Hyrum Levi was the son of Frederick Levi, who was born 17 Oct. 1800 in Essex, Canada. His mother was Julia Ann Carroll, born 16 Oct. 1800, at Cork, Ireland.

Born to them were the following children: David Levi born 18 May, 1833 at Essex Co., Canada; Mary Ann Levi born 3 July 1835 at Toronto, Canada; Charlotte Levi born 20 Dec. 1839 at Chilic, Hancock, Canada; Barbara Jane born 24 July 1837 at Toronto, Canada; Joseph Levi born 30 Dec. 1844 at Keg Creek, Illinois.

Soon after the first Missionaries of the Church were sent into Canada, they made many converts. Barbara Jane's father, mother, and their little family were converted, and it was around eight years between the time they left Canada until they joined other Saints who were also going to Church Headquarters in Illinois.

Their youngest son was born at Keg Creek, Illinois. They lived in Nauvoo a short time when the Saints were leaving Nauvoo for the trek westward. In 1852 the Levi family started West-going through all of the trials of pioneering. The Frederick John Levi family traveled from Keg Creek, Iowa to Salt Lake City, Utah in the James Holt Company.

Members of the company were the following:

Name Age Date of Birth Death Date
Holt, Franklin Overton Infant 31 July 1852 10 November 1929
Holt, James 48 10 February 1804 25 January 1894
Holt, Joseph Overton 3 8 October 1848 2 November 1853
Holt, Leroy Payne 14 27 March 1838 10 November 1910
Holt, Mary Ann 12 11 January 1840 22 February 1916
Holt, Nancy Catherine Overton 1 28 October 1850 25 April 1931
Holt, Parthenia 31 12 July 1821 7 May 1906
Holt, William Alma 9 25 August 1842 11 May 1920
Levi, Barbara Jane 15 24 July 1837 13 May 1909
Levi, Charlotte Ann 12 20 December 1839 20 September 1872
Levi, David 19 16 May 1833 8 January 1909
Levi, Frederick John 51 17 October 1800 11 April 1865
Levi, Joseph Hyrum 7 30 December 1844 29 June 1902
Levi, Julia Ann 42 17 August 1809 3 March 1887
Levi, Mary Ann 16 30 July 1835 3 March 1872
Smith, Dr. William Unknown Unknown Unknown

Joseph's father, Frederick Levi died in Ogden, Weber County, Utah on April 10, 1864. On January 23, 1866, Joseph married Sarah Ann Flake, in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah.

Their first child, Fredrick Hyrum Levi was born in Beaver City on January 8, 1867.

The family moved to Nevada in 1869, where Joseph was employeed as a teamster. Their second child, Ida Nevada Levi was born in Belmont, Nye County, Nevada on October 24, 1868.

On March 17, 1872, Joseph married Sarah Ann Day in Kanosh, Millard County, Utah. Joseph apparently now had two families, one in Kanosh and one in Beaver City. Agnes Haley Levi was born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah on December 10, 1872, and on December 28, 1872, Olive Ann Levi was born in Kanosh, Millard County, Utah

The Sarah Ann Day family must have moved to Sevier, Sevier County, Utah around 1881 since Richard William Levi was born in Sevier on September 29, 1982.

Joseph Hyrum Levi died on July 1, 1902 in Joseph, Sevier County, Utah at the age of 57.

Joseph's mother, Julia Ann Carroll

Joseph's 1st wife, Sarah James Flake

Joseph's 2nd wife, Sarah Ann Day

Joseph's brother David Levi

Joseph's sister Charlotte Ann Levi

Joseph's sister Barbara Jane Levi