Daniel Sinclair Macfarlane

June 21, 1837 - October 23, 1914


Daniel is a cousin, from 4 generations back on my mothers side of the family:

"Daniel Sinclair Macfarlane was born in Stirling, Scotland, 21 June 1837. He was the son of John Macfarlane and Annabella Sinclair. He had an older brother, John Menzies and an older sister, Ann. Daniel was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when 8 years of age, 15 November 1845.

Daniel's father was a coach driver for the Doune Castle, but never joined the church fearing he would lose his job. He died in Scotland.

Daniel, with his mother, brother and sister came to America and traveled west with the Perpetual Emigration Fund Co., under the direction of Issac C. Haight in June of 1853. Daniel was 16 years of age. They arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah August 29, 1853. On October 16th, Isaac C. Haight married Annabella Sinclair Macfarlane.

Isaac C. Haight had planned to settle in Salt Lake City, but President Brigham Young assigned him to take charge of the Iron Works in Cedar City, Utah. Obedient to the Prophet, he moved with his wives to Cedar City, began building a home and handling the affairs of the Deseret Iron Company.

As Daniel grew and matured, he showed a special gift in landscaping and gardening. He was very meticulous and organized with his work and because of this, many desired his services. Daniel was a perfectionist in every way. With his work, his personal appearance, public service and cultural activities. He was blessed with a marvelous bass voice. He was offered the opportunity to sing with the Metropolitan Opera Co., but was persuaded not to leave Cedar City. He was gifted as an actor performing magnificently. He did have a fiery temper which created for him at times.

When Daniel was 25 years of age he married Keturah Haight, 18 years of age, this making him a son-in-law of Isaac C. Haight as well as a step-son.

We are told that Daniel had the most beautiful, productive apple orchard in Cedar Valley. Daniel and Keturah were faced with sorrow early in their marriage as their first child, Daniel Sinclair, passed away at 7 months. Daniel and Keturah operated the Post Office in their home for 20 years and Daniel was also City Recorder.

During General Conference in Salt Lake City, October 6, 1876, names were read of the Brethren that were to serve missions. Daniel was called to serve a mission in his homeland, Scotland. This would leave Keturah at home with six small children to support, but Daniel was obedient to the call and served an honorable mission for two years even though it was difficult. Keturah continued to operate the Post Office and teach school while Daniel was away. A seven-year-old daughter, Keturah, died while Daniel was in Scotland.

Daniel returned from his mission in 1878. In June 1879 twins were born to Keturah, but they died shortly after they were born. On the 24th of June, 1879, Daniel took a second wife, Elizabeth Lizzie Ford, from Wales. During this period many of the Brethren were seeking refuge from the Federal Marshall because of the Government's ban of plural marriage.

Daniel was in Panaca and he and A.M. Findlay were involved in a run-away team accident. Both men were thrown from the wagon. Findlay was killed and Daniel suffered a severe head injury which he never fully recovered from. This took place in February 1891 and Daniel was 54 years old.

Allen M. Findley killed and Deniel S. Macfarlane injured

An accident occured between this place and Peoche, Nevada on the morning of February 11, in which Allen M. Findley, one of our most respected citizens, was instantly killed and Daniel S. Macfarlane was seriously injured. So much was the latter shaken and bruised that even to this date has not been able to relate how this terrible accident happened.

On the date above, these two brethern had gone to Peoche and intended returning that same evening. Their failure to return home during the night caused uneasyness in their families. Brother Findley's son arose very early in the morning and went in search of his father and at a point about eight miles on the road found one horse and wagon where it had colided with a telegraph pole and marks where the other horse had broken loose and sped on southward.

Proceeding a short distance farther he was horified in finding his father's body on the side of the road, cold and lifeless, having been thrown from the wagon, his head striking a stirrup. From his position it was obvious that he had epired without any struggle. The corpse was conveyed to the home of the sorrowing family. On the way home, Brother Macfarlane was found wandering about in a bleeding and bewildered condition.

Daniel and Keturah were the parents of 12 children. Daniel passed away 23 October 1914 at the age of 77.

Daniel's Mother Ann Campbell

Daniel's first wife Temperance

Daniel's and Temperance daughter Lenora

Daniel's and Temperance daughter Emma

Daniel's and Temperance daughter May

Daniel's and Temperance daughter Keturah

Daniel's and Temperance son Isaac

Daniel's and Temperance son Kenneth

Daniel's and Temperance daughter Annabella Bell

Daniel's and Elizabeth daughter Artiemisha

Daniel's and Elizabeth daughter Wanda

Daniel's and Elizabeth son John

Daniel's and Elizabeth son Daniel Ford

Daniel's and Elizabeth daughter Ruth