Dorthy Eleanor Reese

April 2, 1861 - December 26, 1957


Dorthy Eleanor Reese was born in Flindshire, Wales on April 2, 1861. She married David Daniel Williams on July 3, 1879 in Beaver City, Beaver County.

Dorthy was known to most of us as Grandma Williams, especially her grandson John Clare Williams and John Clare's two cousins Richard and Robert Easton. I, Richard Easton, remember the times we spent at her house on the hill in Beaver City. Robert and I took piano lessons from her daughter Evelyn Williams and I can remember her son Raymond who was known for his carvings trying to teach us the skill.

Grandma Williams assisted with the delivery of Ray and Norma's two sons, Richard and Robert. She also helped care for the new babies while the mother was recovering.

Grandma Williams passed away on December 26, 1957 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah at the age of 96.

Grandma Williams daughter Dorthy with Richard Easton and John Clare Williams

Dorthy with Robert Easton, Richard Easton and John Clare Williams


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