Susan Breffni O'Connor

May 13, 1940 - December 27, 2015


Susan O'Connor was born on May 13, 1940 in Portland Oregon to Margaret Ann Dickover and Francis Joseph O'Connor. She had one sibling, her older sister Mary.

O'Connor Home, Portland, Oregon

Susie Family Photos

She attended the Holy Child Academy with her sister Mary.

Holy Child Academy

Holy Child Academy Nuns

After graduation she and went on to the University of Oregon where she became a Kappa Alpha Theta. She graduated from Portland State with a degree in education.

Portland State University

Susie met Richard Easton in the summer of 1961 while they were both working in the Grand Canyon. Richard Worked for Standard Oil in the service station and Susie worked at the Grand Canyon Lodge.


Susie and Richard Courtship

She transferred to the University of Utah for the Fall Semester.

Susie and Richard were married in January of 1962 at Richard's home in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah.

Susie and Richard's Wedding

They lived in three different appartments in Salt Lake City while they were in school. Susie completed a Master's Degree in Education while Richard finished his Master's Degree in Mathematics. Richard continued his education obtaining his Ph.D in Mathematics in 1966.

Susie and Richard Apartments in Salt Lake City.

Susie and Richard's Daughter Holly Anne was born in Salt Lake City on November 17, 1963.

Early photos of Holly Anne Easton

Susie and Richard Graduation 1963

In 1965, the family moved to Ogden, Weber County, Utah where Richard was hired as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. He taught there for one year while he completed his Ph.D in Mathematics. Theie first son, Mark Jensen Easton was born in Ogden on May 19, 1966

Susie and Richard's Home in Ogden, Utah.

Early photos of Mark Jensen Easton

After they finished their educations, Susan and Richard moved to Indiana to raise their family.

Home in Terre Haute, Indiana

Son Bradford Richard Easton was born in Terre Haute, Indiana on November 18, 1968

Early photos of Bradford Richard Easton

During the 1960's and 1970's the family would travel by car to Seaview, Washington on the mouth of the Columbia river for a week or so with the Carskadon family at their Beach House. Susan's Father and Mother would always come for a day or 2. The families would play on the beach dig for clams and John and Richard would fish for Salmon. The family was usually there for the opening of the Salmon fishing season.


From Seaview, Washington the family would travel to Beaver City, Utah for a week or so with Richard's parents, Ray and Norma Easton. There they would ride horses, fish in the Beaver Mountains and do cook outs over campfires.



Early Photos of Susan Breffni O'Connor in Oregon.

Susie Photos Oregon

Early Photos of Susan Breffni O'Connor in Utah.

Susie Photos Utah

More Photos of Susie in Indiana

Susie Photos Indiana

In 1985, the family moved to Edenburg, Texas where Richard had been hired as the Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics at Pan American University. The University is now part of the University of Texas System and is called the University of Texas Pan American.

Photos of Edenburg, Texas

The family was only in Texas for 18 months before they decided to move back to Indiana. Susan traveled to Terre Haute and picked out the house that she wanted to live in on South Center Street. she loved.

Home on South Center


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