Janett Sinclair (Gillispie)

February 5, 1813 - 1863


Janett Sinclair was born in Downe, Pershire, Scotland on February 3, 1819 to Donald Sinclair and Ann Campbell. Janett was the third child and had as many as eleven brothers and sisters. Her geneaology records show her siblings as: Katherine Sinclair, born October 16, 1809; Annabelle Sinclair, born April 20, 1812; Christine Sinclair, born in 1814; John Sinclair, born about 1818; Jane Sinclair, born about 1821; Dant Sinclair, born in 1823; Ann Sinclair, born on February 14, 1825; and John Sinclair, born February 14, 1826. All of the children were born in Killin, Perthshire, Scotland except John who was born in Downe, Pershire, Scotland.

Janet married John William Gillispie on March 23, 1843 in Glasglow Scotland. Janet and John had three children: Mary Gillispie, born on March 8, 1830 in Downe, Perthshire, Scotland; William Gillispie, born on May 23, 1837 and Ann Gillispie, born on July 25, 1842 both born in Glasgow, Lankshire, Scotland. Some time after 1842 and before 1861, the family migrated from Scotland to the Ogden area in Weber County, Utah.

She married Levi Wheeler on August 17, 1861 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Janett and Levi's son, Lorin Levi, was born in March of 1856 in Cache Junction, Cache County, Utah. Janett died and was buried in Ogden, Weber County, Utah in 1863 at the age of 50.

Janett's Second Husband Levi Wheeler

Janett Sinclair Gillispie

Son William Gillespie

Son William Gillespie

Elizabeth Gillespie

Grand Daughter Katie Bell Levi

Great Grand Daughter Norma Jensen with her mother Katie Bell


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