Charles Ray Cox

May 3, 1932 - March 19, 1999


Charles Ray Cox was born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah on May 3, 1932, the third child of John Kenneth Cox and Irene Jane Easton. John Kenneth and Irene Jane had four children. Doug's brothers and sister were: Kenneth Warren Cox, born on November 18, 1922 in Beaver City, Douglas Easton Cox, born on August 8, 1929 in Beaver City and Mona Lee Cox, also born in Beaver City.

Kenneth Warren died on January 20, 2008 in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio, Douglas Easton died on August 2, 1971, and Charles Ray died on March 19, 1999 in Garberville, Humboldt County, California. Mona Lee lives with her husband William "Bill" Messenger in Brookings, Oregon.

Ray's Father John Cox

Ray's Mother Irene Jane Easton

Ray's Brother Kenneth Warren Cox

Ray's Brother Douglas Easton Cox

Ray's Sister Mona Lee Cox


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