George Penn
1571 - November 4, 1632



George Penn was born about 1571 in Birdham, Sussex, England, a son of William Penn. He married Elizabeth on July 29, 1581 in Sussex, England. His wife Elizabeth was born about 1587 in Birdham, Sussex, England. George and Elizabeth had seven (7) children, Christina, born about 1607 in England; Eleanor born about 1603 in England; Elizabeth born about 1605 in England; William born in 1609 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; Eleanor born in 1609 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts; John born about 1611 in England; and Elizabeth born about 1613 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, England.

Christina arrived in Plymouth in the ship Ann in 1623. She was married, as his third wife, to Francis Eaton, who came in the Mayflower with his second wife and son. Christina and Francis had three (3) children. Francis died in November of 1633. Christina then married Francis Billington on July 16, 1634 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She died in July of 1684 in Meddleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

William died in 1669 in Westmoreland County, Virginia; Eleanor was christened on October 21, 1611 in Plymouth, Massachusetts and she died sometime after 1669. John died in 1667.

Richard J. Easton: George Penn is my Great Grandfather (10 generations back). His brother is Giles Penn, the grandfather of William Penn Jr. who was the founder and "absolute proprietor" of the Province of Pennsylvania.

These ten (10) generations are as follows: Richard J. Easton (1938) -> Ray Robert Easton (1911) -> Eva Jane Barton -> (1879) -> John Hunter Barton (1858) -> William Barton (1821) -> Sally Penn (1800) -> Joseph Rosco Penn (1768) -> Phillip Penn (1738) -> George Penn (1709) -> John Penn (1650) -> William Penn (1609) -> George Penn (1571) -> William Penn (1548).

William Penn Jr. (1644) -> Admiral Sir William Penn (1621) -> Giles Penn (1573) -> William Penn (1548).

The Penn genealogy has been traced back two more generations: William Penn (1548) -> William Penn (1525) -> John Penne (1500)

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbour

Birdham Church in Birdham, Sussex, England

Lake in Birdham














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