Lavenia Andrus

February 28, 1854 - September 1, 1939



Lavenia Andrus was born on February 28, 1854 in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah. Her parents were Milo Andrus (1814 - 1892) and Lucy Loomis (1822 - 1890). Lavenia had three sisters, Alma born in 1857, Laura Elizabeth born in 1863, and Esmarelda born in 1865. She had one brother, Jacob who was born in 1859. Lavenia died on September 1, 1939 in Helper, Carbon County, Utah.

James Miller married Lavenia Andrus on December 6, 1869. She was just sixteen years old and was the daughter of Milo Andrus and Lucy Loomis; converts to the church and pioneers crossing the plains with a handcart company and settling in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City. Lavenia was baptized on July 3, 1864 and endowed on December 6, 1869. She was sealed to Grandfather James Miller on December 6, 1869. An index card to Temple Records states that they were sealed for time only or else they obtained a sealing cancellation when there was a divorce and she married a younger man named William James McComb, who belonged to the Catholic faith.

To the James Miller marriage, Lavenia had seven children, only two living beyond 1918, and only three, all daughters, that married: Lavenia Miller, named after her Mother; June Miller and Francina. Brigham, Lucy, Velma and Amos all dying in early life. Francina living until 1918 and Amos until he was 27 years old when he was killed while working with the railroad.

To her second marriage, she had five children: Eleanor McComb, Mary Alma, Viola, Ida (I living only 2 years), and William James McComb Jr., born July 2, 1895. He was killed in action during the First World War.

The picture above of "Aunt Lavenia" as she was lovingly called and her six lovely daughters and Amos before he was killed. We were so happy to secure this photo. These six girls lived, married and raised lovely families. We wish some one of her second family would give us her history and a picture history book of all of her twelve children.

Written by grandson, Gary L Anderson

James Miller home in Greenville, Utah

Lavenia Andrus in her earlier years


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