John Miller

November 22, 1846 - December 28, 1939


John Miller

November 22, 1846

Born in Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland


Mother, Father, and two brothers contracted Cholera and died

Fall 1850

Miller Children arrived in Utah


Moved into the Sixth Ward.

Fall 1855

Wintered in Cedar City, Utah

Spring 1856

Moved back to Salt Lake City


Received word that Johnson's army was coming. Brigham Young ordered all people to move South. I went to Spanish Fork to live with brother James

Spring 1858

Moved back to Salt Lake City


Helping David in the kitchen, he was working for Robert Watson.

Spring 1860

Moved to Riverdale, 3 miles outside of Ogden.

October 1860

Worked as a teamster hauling flour to Reese River to supply the Overland Stage Stations. This was 400 miles west of Salt Lake.

June 1863

Hired to drive team for the Overland Company. One of 30 teams of oxen.

Winter 1863

Moved to Beaver City, Utah


Drove for the Overland Company. They had 2 trains of cattle and wagons.

Summer 1866

Worked with brother-in-law making adobe bricks.

Spring 1868

Purchased 5 head of steers and drove them to Salt Lake City to sell.

June 1868

Called to enlist to fight the Black Hawk War.

June 1868

Went to Round Valley, Weber Canyon, worked building track for the Union Pacific Railroad as a member of the Sixth Ward.

Winter 1869

Camped at Indian Creek gathering wood for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Summer 1869

Hauled wood on shares up to Fort Douglas.

Fall 1869

Worked for the Townsend Hotel driving bus.


Worked excavating in Salt Lake City

Spring 1879

Helped build the Denver and Rio Grande road up Spanish Fork Canyon.

Winter 1880

Helped build the City Canal

Spring 1881

Took a contract on the Oregon Short Line

Fall 1881

Contracted with the help of William Irvin to build the narrow gauge road up to the Christman Mine near Coalville.

Spring 1882

With William Irvin worked on the City Canal.

Summer 1882

Worked making a cut for the Union Pacific Railroad in Spanish Fork Canyon.

Winter 1883

Worked building a 3 1/2 mile canal down to Six Mile Bridge west of Brighton.

November 1884

Sold first home and purchased a lot (10 rods by 10 rods) on the opposite corner.

Winter 1884

Hauled ice to fill the ice houses for various businesses.


Sold fish, fruits, and vegtables in Bingham Canyon.

1885 - 1889

Worked as an excavating contractor.


Dug basement for Scott-Auerback Hardware store.


Along with 20 men, worked cleaning the City Canal at the Jordan Narrows.


Daughter Ruth was born

1894 - 1900

Worked teaming and contracting.

1898 - 1900

Worked as Road Supervisor for the City Mayor, John Clark.

Spring 1906

Purchased a team of horses and worked  laying sidewalks for a contractor named Birch.


Sold home located at Sixth South and Second West and purchased one on 950 Washington, in the Thirtieth Ward.

March 21, 1924

Wife Mary Emily died.

December 28, 1939

John Miller died at the age of 89.


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