Verena (Easton) Broderick

April 15, 1918 - December 1, 1989


This memorial is in honor of Verena Broderick, wife of James Mack Easton. She was born on April 15, 1918 in Roosevelt, Duchesne County, Utah. Her parents were Hillard Rueben Broderick and Sarah Louise Ruesh. She died on December 1, 1989 in Whittier, California. What follows are copies of her own personal records.

Verena with Mack and her family

Hillard Ruben Broderick and his family

Life Story 2


Father Hillard Ruben Broderick

Mother Sarah Louise Ruesh

Sister Clara Broderick

Sister AlDean Broderick

Brother Clifford Broderick

Brother Lee R. Broderick

Brother John Howard Broderick

Brother Owen Hillard Broderick

Husband James Mack Easton

Son William Douglas Easton

Daughter Sandra Kaye Easton

Son Stephen Easton

Son Gregory Easton

Son Kent Easton


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