William Miller
December 24, 1831 - June 22, 1849



William Miller was born on December 24, 1831 in Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland. His father was Charles Stewart Miller and his mother was Mary McGowan. He was their 4th child. William, his  his brother Archibald, his mother Mary and his father Charles all died of cholera in a 12 day period. William died on the 22nd of June, Mary died on the 27th of June, Archibald died on the 29th of June, and his father Charles died on the 4th of July, 1849

The Charles Stewart Miller family crossed the ocean in the ship "Carnatic" of Boston, John Devereux, master, sailing from Liverpool 20 Feb 1848, arriving in New Orleans 20 Apr 1848, under the leadership of Elder Franklin D. Richards. They are listed on the ship's passenger list as C. Miller, age 43, Mary Miller, age 44, David Miller, age 20, Mary Miller, age 22, James Miller, age 18, William Miller, age 16, Archibold Miller, age 14, Margaret Miller, Agnes Miller, Jane Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Ellen Miller, John Miller (ages of the 6 youngest children not given.

James Miller, his Father and Mother and his eleven brothers and sisters sailed up the Mississippi River and landed in St. Louis, a family of thirteen. Shortly after landing in St. Louis, his Father, Mother, and his brother Archibald contracted Cholera and died within ten days of each other. They had settled at Gravois, an area about ten miles out of St. Louis

William's oldest sister Mary.

William's oldest brother David


William's older brother James


William's younger sister Margaret


William's younger sister Agnes

William's younger sister, Elizabeth Ferguson


William's younger sister, Ellen Sarah McCulloch


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