James Miller

November 20, 1829 - October 1, 1905


James Miller

November 28, 1829

Born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland

December 29, 1829

Baptized into the Church of England


Went to work in the Coal Mines at Hamilton, outside of Glasgow


Met with Mormon Missionaries and was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

February 11, 1846

Baptized by Andrew Ferguson

February 28, 1846

Confirmed by William Gibson


Left Scotland and were six weeks crossing the ocean landing in New Orleans, Lousiana


Sailed up the Mississippi River and landed in St. Louis, Missouri, a family of 13.


Father, Mother and brothers William and Archibald contracted Cholera and died within a period of 10 days.


Joined the Joseph F. Sharp Company and crossed the plains to Salt Lake City. This took about 4 months arriving in September

November 24, 1852

Married Margaret Ann Anderson

September 1856

Moved to Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah


Went as a guard to Echo Canyon to help keep out Johnson's Army. Was there for 10 weeks


After returning he started a little farm west of town and also worked as a clerk in William Warren's store.

Early 1860's

Went into business for himself with a store in his home

September 19, 1861

Married his second wife, Susan Lavender and was sealed to her and his first wife Margaret Ann Anderson for time and eternity.

About 1865

Bought a piece of ground on Main Street, built a home and had his store in one room

December 6, 1869

Married his third wife Levenia Andrus

Spring 1872

James Miller along with several others, formed a Literary and Debating Society


Ordered by Brigham Young to turn his business into a COOP.


Wife Margaret Ann died in her beloved home at the age of 70

September 26, 1894

Married his fourth wife, Lucy Davis

October 1, 1905

Died at the age of 78 and is buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetary


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