Frederick John Levi II

October 17, 1800 - April 11, 1865


Frederick John Levi was born in Gospiel, Essex, Ontario, Canada on October 17, 1900. Frederick married Mary Bruner, 23 Feb 1831 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. She was born 30 Oct 1809 at the time residing in Mersea. Essex, Onterio, Canada the daughter of Henry Bruner and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ulch. Mary died about 1831... No Children..

Frederick next married Julia Ann Carroll 1832 in Essex Co., Onario, Canada. She was born 16 Aug 1809 in Cork, Ireland, the daughter of Thomas "Henry" Carroll and Margaret. Julia died 3 Mar 1887 in Kanosh, Millard, Utah and was buried Mar 1887 in Kanosh, Millard, Utah... They had 5 Children.. David Levi, Barbara Jane Levie, Mary Ann Levi, Charlott Levi and Joseph Hyrum Levie...

Frederick married Boletta Moonsen Johnsen, 17 Sep 1859, in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah... She was born 25 May 1815 in Odegaarden, Onsy, Oxford, Norway... No Children..

Frederick John Levi died in North Ogden, Weber County, Utah on April 11, 1865.

The following information was gathered by Dewey J. Levi and Paul D. Levi and was taken from their book, "Frederick John Levi & His Family, 1800 - 1864 that was published in July of 1994.


To the best of my knowledge, we have no birth records for either Frederick John Levi or for his Father Frederick Levi (Liebau). From the family information gathered over the many years, probably all having its origin in the memory of Frederick John Levi, we had thought or assumed that they came from the Gosfield, Essex County, Ontario, Upper Canada area. It is true that this the first place we can locate either of them definitely. I believe that no record of birth for either Frederick John Levi or his father has been found. Some of those who have sought their roots think they are French, some think they are German, and some think they are English or Irish, and all suppose that they are Jewish. The families that we tie into, being descendents of Frederick Levi (Liebau) (whom we have always called Frederick Levi, Sr.) may give us some clue, but we have not found or identified definitely any brother, sister, father or mother of Frederick Levi (Liebau). Even in our most recent contacts with the descendants of Frederick John's sister Elizabeth Levi (Whittle) and his brother John Levi (Liebau), we have not been able to go beyond Frederick Levi (Liebau).

The wife of Frederick Levi (Liebau) has, in the oldest records and family group sheets, has been referred to as "Miss Modley or (Modlin)" without identification as to whether it is a given or surname. We know of no one before this time that has been identified or thought they have identified her in further detail, or connected her to supposed husband Frederick. Extensive research, mostly unrelated, has been done over the years without success. My father's Aunt Evelyn (Eva) Levie Barney expanded great effort in the 1940's in research and correspondence. Numerous of the Levi descendents have lived in Sevier County, Utah where she and I lived. As a teenager at that time, I hauled milk daily from the farms (including theirs) to the cheese factory in Elsinore, Utah. We discussed genealogy frequently. That subject being extremely important to the L.D.S. people, and she believing that I either could, or would make efforts, at some time, to find and identify those ancestors, committed me on firm promise to do just that.

She had correspondence, through a professional genealogist, with whom we now know as a descendent of John Levi (Liebo) whose name was Bertha Helen Levi Churchill, then living in Leamington. She responded in letter inquires of Aunt Eva and a letter dated March 4, 1947, has been widely circulated and quoted in the Levi(e), Whittle and other interested families. That letter, I am going to quote in part. Some names, dates, etc. have been verified. Some information is undoubtedly true and some undoubtedly not true, but we still have the task of determining which is which.


Leamington, Ontario, Canada
March 4, 1947

Dear Mrs. Nelson,

Your welcome letter received and I am firmly convinced we are cousins. I am still working on this puzzle of relationship and believe I have a little better lineup on the matter. I went to see my oldest cousin who spent his childhood days with my grandparents. I felt sure he would know more about this than I. He is in his 70's. Here is his story. (I was mistaken on many things, especially about the French woman). the French woman married a German General. Her people were nobility and wealthy, therefore she was disinherited. It seems being nobility she kept her maiden name which was Levi. The General's name was Frederick.

They came to New York State about 1802. My Great Grandfather was born in Paris, France and was 9 years old when they came to America. His name was John. He came up to Detroit with General Brock in 1812. After the war he took up 300 acres of land, not in Gosfield, but in Mersea township. That is next to Gosfield. He married a woman by the name of Fulmer, I do not know the given name. There were four sons, my Grandfather's name was Thomas, his brothers were John, George and Charles. There were girls namely, Elizabeth, Ann and Modlin. George, Charles and Elizabeth lived together and did not marry. Modlin married Adam Bruner. This is all the family he knew of.

Now, I believe the Frederick Jr. you speak of would be a brother to my Great Grandfather John. When in New York state, it seems there were no French people around them, the mother was dissatisfied so they moved over into Quebec, Canada. There they took up land. Now the Point Levi you speak of must have been named after this German General Frederick.

My father and aunt always told me there should have been money or property there for us. Have you ever heard this mentioned down along your line? Some of those names you mentioned have a familiar ring to me, but it is so long ago I cannot grasp it clearly. My father used to speak of Gillespies and Tanners, and Anne seemed a popular name with the family. Earl and Archie levi are cousins to me. Their grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Earl has been very ill for some time, in fact they were taking him to the hospital the day I was in when Archie showed me your letter to him. They have been very busy and full of care, as Earle cannot live, so I think that is why they had not written you. I do not think they know much of family history anyway for they are of the younger set too. Their grandfather's name was John, also their father's.

Please tell me all about yourself when you write, your age, your maiden name, father's name, etc. I am 54 years old this Spring. We have two fine sons, one 21 years old and one 20 years. Big tall fellows. I believe they inherit some of the Levi's size. They are a strong race of people.

This great grandfather John, carried a cannon in the War of 1812, one half mile and threw it in the River Rouge to get it away from the enemy. This cannon weighed 400 lbs. It was recovered and is in some park or museum in Detroit, Michigan. He was sent a gold medal for this. The Queen of England sent him a gold watch, but they never received it. Traced it as far as Toronto, and then could find no more of it. I might mention the fact I have no brothers or sisters. I had one sister, 5 1/2 years older but she passed away seventeen years ago this month leaving six children.

I never liked history or tracing relationship and here I am deeply interested. Makes my family laugh. But, I never thought it could be so interesting. I shall be looking for a letter from you soon, and I am going to have to talk with my old Uncle as soon as possible. The boat will be running to Pelee Island about the first of April, if weather permits. I doubt very much if he can tell me as clearly as this cousin has told me. About this Modley mentioned. I do not know if it is French or not. I do not know what this General Frederick's other name was. If you learn any more family history, please pass it along.

Until I hear from you again, I shall be anxiously waiting. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely Yours,

Bertha H. Churchill.

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