Ann Gillispie

July 25, 1842 - June 14, 1905



Ann Gillispie was born on July 25, 1842 in Glasgow, Scotland, the 3rd child of John and Janett Sinclair Gillispie. Her brothers and sisters were: Mary Gillispie (1806 - ?) and William Gillispie (1837 - 1914).

She married David Levi in July of 1858 in Ogden, Weber County, Utah. They had six children, five girls and one boy. Their children were: Julia Ann Levi (1859 - 1933), Janett Levi (1862 - 1888), Mary Levi (1874, 1877), Katie Bell Levi (1878 - 1963), and William David Levi (1881 - 1950).

David also married Christina Gillies in 1871. They had seven children, all boys. David and Christina's children were: James Levi (1872 - 1899 ), Robert Levi (1874 - 1898), Frederick R. Levi (1876 - 1961), Karl Devid Levi (1878 - 1954), Marshall Levi (1881 - 1948), Orson Levi (1883 - 1954), and Clarence Levi (1885 - 1885).

David Levi was born on May 16, 1833, to Frederick Levi II and Julia Ann Carrol. He was one of four children.

Ann Gillespie Levi

Written by her daughter Kate Bell Levi Jensen

In Glasgow Scotland, on the 25 day of July, 1842, a tiny blue eyed baby girl came to the home of John and Janet Sinclair Gillespie. She was given the name of Ann, and in later years she became the mother of Kate B. Levi Jensen. Little Ann's happy home was broken by the death of her father on May 15, 1843, not even a year after Ann had been born.

Latter-Day Saint missionaries were in Glasgow at the time of her father's death. Ann's mother, Janet heard the gospel and wanted to join the church, even though the Gillespie's were against it. Although this made things very difficult for her, she was finally baptized on December 8, 1843. She at once began arranging her affairs to make it possible for her family to trek to Zion. She went to work in an infirmary to earn the means for her family to migrate to America.

The family was ready to sail for America on February 6, 1852 when the younger brother, Peter was stricken with a serious disease from which he did not recover. Due to his illness, Janet remained in Glasgow to care for him and sent William and Ann to America with her two sisters, Annabel Macfarlane, (a widow with three children) and Ann Marshal with her husband and family.

On February 6, 1852, they set sail on the "Ellen Marie". Arriving in New Orleans, they sailed up the Mississippi River on a flat boat to St. Louis, Missouri. The waters were so rough that they lost most of their luggage, a feather bed and other articles. They came to Utah in the Smoot Company. Ann, then a small girl, walked the entire distance. She was not yet ten years old, and because she was so young, she did not realize the many trials they had in crossing the plains. She had heard so much about going to Zion, that the joy of this thought kept her happy. After arriving in Utah, Ann and William accompanied their aunts to Bountiful where they made their home until their mother joined them in the summer of 1853.

Ann met David Levi and they were married in Ogden, Utah on July 1, 1858. Ann was only 16 at the time. They were sealed in the Endowment House. They lived in Ogden, then came South to Kanosh, then to Beaver and on to Pinto Creek where they homesteaded a ranch about 21 miles north of Beaver. When the title for the ranch was secured, the family moved to Beaver for good.

Ann was an active member of the Beaver Relief Society. She was a visiting teacher and later a counselor. She was released in March of 1878, soon after she buried two daughters. Jane and Mary who had died with diphtheria. Ann was a faithful Latter-Day-Saint. She gave of her time and divided what she had with the needy to help further the work of the church.

Ann died on June 17, 1905 leaving her husband, David, a son and two daughters, and nine grandchildren to mourn her death.




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