Marshall Levi

March 30, 1881 - June 4, 1948


Marshall Levi was born on March 30, 1881 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah. He was the fifth child of David Levi and Christine Gibbs Gillies. His brothers were: James Levi, October 18, 1872, Robert Levi, November 17, 1874, Frederick R. Levi, October 11, 1876, Karl David (Pop) Levi, December 5, 1878, Orson Levi, February 6, 1884 and Clarence Levi, May6, 1885. His father David had two wives; his step sisters and brothers, whose mother was Ann Gillispie, were Julia Ann Levi, June 29, 1859, Janette (Nettie) Levi, March 19, 1862, Jane Levi, July 1, 1870, Mary Levi, January 11, 1874, Katie Bell Levi, September 12, 1878 and William David Levi, October 29, 1881.

Marshall married Lillian Anna Marie Barnett on February 23, 1909 in Farmington, Davis County, Utah. Some of their children were: a son, Barnett Levi born in 1915, a daughter, Locs Levi born in 1916, and a daughter Beulah Patricia Levi who was born on December 10, 1919 in Milford, Beaver County, Utah. Beulah died in Salt Lake City on March 12, 1925.

Lillian Anna Marie Barnett was born on June 6, 1890 in Dayton, Ohio, the daughter of George A. and Anna Barnett. Lillian died on April 27, 1932 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Marshall married Jessie Brown on September 30, 1936. They did not have any children

Marshall died in Ogden, Weber County, Utah on June 4, 1948 at the age of 67.

It is hoped that family members who see this web site will be able to add to the life story of Marshall Levi.


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