Jens Nielsen
April 14, 1797 - August 6, 1883

Anna (ane) Isaksdatter
June 27, 1803 - January 28, 1891



Jens Nielsen was born in Vorup, Randers (or Mueli), Denmark on April 14, 1797. He was married to Anna (Ane) Isaksdatter on April 4, 1830. (This was two days before the Church was organized in Fayette, New York. The photograph of the charming couple shows wooden shoes, homespun clothes, typical bonnet worn by Danish women, and the massive hands of a hard working farmer. Jens and Anna had seven children: Niels, Magdalene, Mette, Peder, Annie Sophie, Isak and Gertrude Kirstine. All of the children were born in Vejle County, Denmark. Niels was born on January 9, 1831 in Hojen, Magdalene was born on April 28, 1833 in Hojen, Mette was born on November 24, 1834 in Vinding, Peder was born on September 21, 1835 in Skerup, Annie Sophie was born on January 22, 1840 in Svintholskov, Isak was born on November 4, 1843 in Skorup and Gertrude Kirstine was born on May 6, 1847 in Skorup. Four of the children, Niels, Magdalene, Mette and Peder migrated to Utah in the mid 1800's. Jens died August 6, 1883.

The son Peder Nielsen changed his name to Peter Jensen.

Anna (or Annie) was born on June 27, 1803 in Mejsling, Vejle, Denmark. She and Jens had seven children. Anna's first two children were named after her husband's parents; Neils and Magdelene. One daughter was named after her mother (Mette) and another after her father (Isak). It appears that the family moved around, since the children were born in four different towns. Anna died on the 28th of January 1891 at the age of eighty eight. She outlived Jens by eight years.

Written by Clerynth Jensen Larson, Granddaughter of Peter Jensen

Jens Nielsen and Anna (Ane) Isaksdatter

Scottish Castle 1873

Anders Jensen


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