Mary Miller (Easton)

September 28, 1825 - November 28, 1883



Mary Miller was born in Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland on the 28th of September 1825. She was the 1st child of Charles Stewart and May McGowan Miller.

In 1846, her parents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in their native land of Scotland. Within the next three years, Charles, Mary and their 11 children made preparations to join with the Saints in Utah.

They made it as far as St. Louis, Missouri. There her father and brothers, David and James, had been mining coal at Gravi Diggings, 3 miles out of St. Louis.

From June 22nd to July 4th, 1849, her mother, father, and 2 brothers contracted cholera and died. Mary was 23. She being the oldest, it became her lot to become the mother of her younger siblings, the youngest being John, who was only 2 1/2 years old.

Quote from John's history, "We left St. Louis in the spring with the same four faithful oxen that had hauled the coal. We all came in one wagon, eleven of us, including my sister's husband, Robert Easton and his daughter (by former marriage)."

It appears that after the death of her parents, Mary married a native Scotsman, Robert Easton. She was around 25 years old. Robert was around 29 years old. They were married again on the 13th of October 1852, when Mary received her endowment. One wonders if Mary and Robert may have known each other in that they came from the same county in Scotland.

John's history, "The first house we lived in was in the First Ward and it was built of adobe, the rafters or the ridge-poles were of red pine and it was a dirt roof. In a heavy rain, when the poles began to crack, we would all run out and jump into the Wagon box.

"At one time my sister, Mary, carried to me a bowl of corn-meal mush, and told me to wait a few minutes 'til she brought the milk.' I was so hungry, I devoured the mush long before she returned with the milk for it."

"In 1851, we moved down into the Sixth Ward.

Mary's daughter Mary was born on the 2nd of December 1850, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the spring of 1851, the Easton's were called by Brigham Young to colonize Cedar City, Utah. Agnes M. Baker writes. "It's said that Mary Miller Easton, with babe Mary in arms, was the first white woman to set foot on Cedar soil."

By 1855, John's history says: "Three of my sisters were already living in Cedar City." They were: Agnes, Mary, and Ellen. "My brother-in-law, Robert Easton, had raised some corn, squash, wheat, and a few pigs. We wintered with my sisters. One could stand in the door yard and watch the coyotes play under the cedars in the moon-light, not a mile away. They were many in number, and the night was filled with their howling until we could not sleep. Three or four of them could make noise that sounded like a hundred or more.

Just before we reached Cedar City, at Christmas time, my sister saved a water melon. She had kept it for us all that time. It was a wonderful melon, and what good sisters they were.

The Easton family moved from Cedar to lower Beaver or Minersville. They came from there to Greenville. They were forced to move because of a water shortage.

The family were in Greenville by 1858. Her husband, Robert, owned about 160 acres of pasture, meadow, and farmland in Greenville.

In November of 1868, when her daughter, Mary and Mary's intended, Joseph S. Morris were to be married, they traveled from Greenville to Salt Lake City in a wagon drawn by mules in the company of her parents.

Mary died at the age of 58 in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah. She is buried in the Greenville Cemetery.



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