Wanda Iretta Easton (Martin)

March 5, 1899 - October 7, 1970



In memory of Wanda Iretta (Martin) Easton. She was born in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah on March 5, 1899. She was the 1st child of William Joseph and Eva Jane Barton Easton. Her brothers and sisters were: Angus (Gus) Barton Easton, born on November 30, 1900; William Martell Easton, born on October 29, 1902; John Wallace Easton, born on February 20, 1907; Irene Jane Easton, born on May 6, 1908; Ray Robert Easton, born on May 30, 1911; David Ralph Easton, born on December 15, 1913; James Mack Easton, born on August 5, 1915 and Eva Merle Easton. born on August 5, 1915. All of the children, except Irene were born in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah, who was born in Milford, Beaver County, Utah

Wanda married William Porter Martin on March 10, 1915. They had nine children, Porter Authel (Thel), 1916, Reva, 1917, William Samuel, 1918, Louise, 1921, Virginia, 1925, Nina, 1923, Daniel Easton, 1927, Ralph, 1930 and Mitch, 1929.

Wanda Iretta Easton died in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah on October 20, 1970 at the age of 71.

If I only had five minutes the day you passed away,
I would have had time to tell you all the things I needed to say.

I never got to tell you how much you mean to me,
Or that you were the best dad, better than any man could be.

The last time that I talked to you
I wish I would have known.
I would have said I love you,
and kept you on the phone.

If I only had five minutes,
the morning you passed away,
I'd give you one last hug so tight and see your great big smile.
I'd tell you that I don't think I could live without you,
not even for awhile.
I'd kiss your cheek and take your hand and tell you it's okay to go
And tell you that I'll miss you,
more than you'll ever know.

But you were gone so quickly,
One last car ride you'd take.
Before you even knew it,

you were standing at heavens gate.
Now God has called upon you,
It's time to get your wings.

To leave this life behind you,
And enjoy all of heavens beautiful things.
So wait for me in heaven Dad,
Don't let me come alone.
The day the angels come for me,
Please be there to bring me home.

Author Unknown



Wanda's Husband
William Porter Martin

The Easton Home
Beaver City, Utah



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