Eva Merle Easton

August 5, 1918 - June 19, 1987

               Connie Pearce
               Michael Pearce

In memory of Eva Merle Easton (Pearce). She was born in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah on August 5, 1918. She was the 10th child of William Joseph Easton and Eva Jane Barton. Her brothers and sisters were: Wanda Iretta Easton (1899 - 1970), Agnus Barton Easton (1900 - 1963), William Martell Easton (1902 - 1982), Vona Rosetta Easton (1904 - 1988), John Wallace Easton (1907 - 1907), Irene Jane Easton (1908 - 1973), Robert Ray Easton (1911 - 1986), David Ralph Easton (1913 - 1915), and James Mack Easton (1915 - 2003).

Eva married LaMar Jones Pearce on June 7, 1930 and they had three children; Connie, Michael and Marilyn. Eva died in Bridgeport County, Connecticut on October 13, 1987 at the age 69

OUR FATHER who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil;

For thine is the Kingdom and the power
and the glory forever. AMEN


LaMar Jones Pearce
Eva's Husband
Big Flat in the Beaver Mountains
Big Johns Flat in the Beaver Mountains


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