James Mack Easton

November 4, 1915 - January 2, 2003


James Mack Easton. He was born in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah on November 4, 1915, the 9th child of William Joseph Easton and Eva Jane Barton.

Mack met Verena in the Fall of 1935. It was during the depression and he was at a CCC camp in the Uintah basin. They met at a dance a dance at Victory Park, a dance hall outside of Roosevelt, Utah. They started going together constantly with Verena's friend, Ruby White, and Macks friend, Mickey McGuire. Verena said that they were always together, she came and went as she wanted.

After Verena graduated from high school she was working for her Aunt at her hotel. A representative from Henager's Bussiness College contacted her and convinced her to enroll.

While Verena was enrolled in Henager's Business College, Mack also decided to go to school there. Mack decided to give Verena an engagement ring. Verena said that they were both so immature and she definitely was not ready for marriage, so Mack had the ring as much as she did.

After graduation, Verena went to work for Z. C. M. I. and then in 1939, she went to work for Senator Billings from Unitah Basin as a secretary at the State Capital. She made $120.00 a month.

Mack and Verena dated off and on while she worked there but also dated other men and even received an engagement ring from one of them. Verena left her job and went to work for a small arms plant in Salt Lake City. While she was there she met Lyle Oliver Blomquist from Gowrie, Iowa.

Verena and Lyle dated for a while in Salt Lake City and when the company set up an office in Los Angeles, California, they both were transferred there. The company then moved the office to San Francisco and while working there Lyle and Verena were married.

According to Verena, they did not have a great marriage and moved several times. They moved from San Francisco to Oakland, California, then to Brigham City, Utah, to Twin Falls, Idaho and finally back to Los Angeles, California.

Verena became pregnant and they had a baby boy they named, Lyle Oliver Blomquist, Jr. When the baby was 2 1/2 months old, Lyle sent them to live with his parents. After returning to Los Angeles, Lyle was gone alot and finally left them for good when their son was 2 1/2 years old.

Verena began calling Lyle Jr. "Doug" and after Verena and Mack were married his name was legally changed to William Douglas Easton.

Verena decided to get back in touch with Mack and she sent him a letter to his home in Beaver City, Utah and it was forwarded to him while he was serving in the Navy in the South Pacific. The corresponded regularly and after he returned and dated for a while they were married in the LDS temple in Mesa, Maripota County, Arizona on April 24. 1947.

They had five children, William Douglas, twins Sandra Kay and Steven, Gregory and Kent. This is the family in 1962. William Douglas was adopted by Mack and Verena. On May 20, 1949, the twins Stephen and Sandra were born in the Queens of Angels hospital in Los Angeles, California. A cute little dark girl and a darling blue-eyed, blond haired boy.

Gregory Easton was born on August 29, 1956, at the Murphy Hospital in Whittier, California. On June 29, 1959 another son, Kent Broderick Easton was born in the Prysbyterian Hospital in Whittier.

This is a family photo from 1979.

After their children had grown, Mack and Verena were called to serve in the LDS Tampa mission in Orlando, Florida. Below is the letter that Verena wrote about their experience.

Verena died on December 1, 1889 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California. Mack later married, Lorretta Bayly. They lived in Whittier until James Mack Easton died in his home on January 2, 2003 at the age 87. He is buried in the Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.


Father William Joseph Easton

Mother Eva Jane Barton

Wife Verena Broderick

Son William Douglas Easton

Daughter Twin Sandra Kay Easton

Son Twin Stephen Easton

Son Gregory Easton

Son Kent Broderick Easton










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