Mary Easton

December 2, 1850 - 1930


Mary Easton Morris late in her life

In memory of Mary Easton (Morris). My Grandma Morris was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 2, 1850. She moved with her parents to Cedar City in the Spring of 1851, called by Brigham Young to colonize in Cedar City. It's said that Mary Miller Easton, with babe Mary in arms, was the first white woman to set foot on Cedar soil. Her father helped build the fort in this town.

Uncle David Miller sent a bag of salt to them from Salt Lake City to Cedar City and the bag was used to make a dress for little Mary.

The Easton family moved from Cedar to lower Beaver or what is now Minersville. They came from there to Greenville, forced to move because of a water shortage. Robert Easton owned about 160 acres of pasture, meadows, and farmland. Joseph S. Morris and Mary Easton traveled from Greenville to Salt Lake City in a wagon drawn by mules, in the company of her parents, to be married.

As a young fellow, Joseph S. Morris went back East to meet emigrants and bring them to Utah. He was in charge of the cattle herds belonging to the United Order in Orderville. The cattle were run on the upper Sevier River. They had a special brand for these cattle.

Joseph S. Morris served a mission to New Zealand (South Island) in 1882-1883 (a little under 2 years). He suffered poor health while there. He left a wife with 6 little children and expecting her 7th child.

He served as Bishop (14 years) in Greenville after he returned from his mission. He named his farm Aberdare (Welsh means "over the river"). He died of a ruptured appendix in 1904 at the young age of 54.

Mary died of results of a broken hip in 1930 arter a 2 months' illness. She was 79 years of age.

Written by: Agnes M. Baker, Granddaughter

Joseph Smith Morris, Mary's Husband

Mary's Mother and her Sisters

Robert Easton and his Family


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