LaMar Jones Pearce
February 13, 1910 - March 23, 1995



LaMar Jones Pearce was born on February 13, 1910 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah. His parents were Ezra Lamar Pearce (1882 - 1962) and Lydia LaVina Jones (1880 - 1942). He married Eva Merle Easton on June 17, 1936. They had three children, Connie, Michael and Marilyn. LaMar died on March 23, 1995 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.

It is hoped that some of the family members will be able to provide, photos, genealogy, and a life story for LaMar.

The following is provided by a friend of LaMar's daughter Marilyn:

 Lamar died in 1995 at Connies house in California. He was one of the nicest and funniest people I have ever known and your Aunt Eva was so amazing as well. She was such a lady. They were the most delightful couple. They are buried together in Fairfield, Connecticut.

I remember one night in particular that Lamar was eating diner at my house with my children and Marilyn, etc.... there were about 8 of us having barbecue and we were all eating corn on the cob at the time. My boys were around age 3-8 years old. One of the boys asked Lamar what happened to his missing finger. Lamar was biting into his ear of corn at the time, but pulled it away from his mouth and said, "oh, I lost in many years ago during a corn eating contest".

There was a silence at the table and then all the boys put their corn down and woud not touch corn again that summer! The adults laughed for weeks about it! He was so much fun!

LaMar's wife, Eva Merle Easton


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