Morris Douglas Thompson

February 18, 1902 - June 9, 1930

Morris Thompson

In memory of Morris Douglas Thompson.

Morris Douglas Thompson , known to many during the past few years in his associations as manager of the Puffers' Lake resort, died at the Milford hospital, June 9, 1930, following an operation for appendicitis and peritonitis.

Morris Thompson was the son of Homer D. and the late Alice Morris Thompson. He was born in Beaver, Utah, February 18, 1902, where he resided during his lifetime. He married Norma Jensen, October 2, 1924. Morris was a leader in sports and social activities and will be missed greatly by the community.

He is survived by his widow, his father, a sister, Mrs. Alice Hymer of Los Angeles; a brother Warren, and his grandmother, Rebecca Thompson of Beaver, Utah.

Written by Norma Jensen

In 1924, I married Morris Thompson. He worked with his dad in the meat market and drove the school bus. In 1927, in partners with my dad who was sheriff at that time, we bought Puffer Lake, cabins and lodge. We ran this resort until Morris was stricken with a ruptured appendix and died in 1930. I thought I’d never live again but after five years I met Ray and my life changed again.

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For the next five years, after Morris died, I worked in many places: the Brooklawn Creamery for Morrell Warr, Emils Café for Emil Nowers when he first opened, Shady’s Café for Shady Lowder, and the Beaver Drug Store for Ken Barton. I also worked in Salt Lake City for Mode-O-Day Factory, sewing, and while I was there I lived with Aunt Diane and Uncle Will Levi. I got homesick shortly after starting the job and went back to Beaver.

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Morris & Norma - Beaver Mountains

Morris & Norma in the Beaver Mountains. Photolink

Puffer Lake Lodge

Lodge at Puffer Lake

Puffer Lake Business Card

Business Card for Puffer Lake (Side 1)

Puffer Lake Business Card - Side 2

Business Card for Puffer Lake (Side 2)


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