John West

October 28, 1776 - April 7, 1826


John West is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather on my father's side of the family: Richard Easton (1938) -> Ray Easton (1911) ->Eva Jane Barton (1879) -> John Hunter Barton (1858) -> Sarah Esther West (1829) -> Samuel Walker West (1804) -> John West

John West was born October 28, 1776, in Greenville, South Carolina, to Isaac West and Susanna Anderson West. They had eleven other children, Catherine, in 1768, Mary, in 1770, Phoebe in 1770, Susan in 1773, Nancy in 1774, Solomon in 1774, Isaac, in 1776, Abner, in 1784, Robert Anderson in 1790, Elizabeth in 1794, and Sarah in 1795. John West married Sarah Sally Walker in 1799 at the age of 23 while living in Dickson, Dickson County, Tennessee. Sarah was the daughter of Phoebe Green.

John and Sarah had the following children, a son born in 1800 who passed away as a child, Susan in 1801, Samuel Walker West, in 1804, Isaac, in 1806, Phoebe, in 1808, Lucinda, in 1811, Malinda, in 1814, Diana, in 1816, John Carrol West, in 1818, and Solomon Linn West in 1823, who passed away in 1824.

In 1808, John was a witness to the sale of property in Dickson County, Tennessee, to Isaac West (probably his father) from James McClellan, consisting of 92 and one half acres for $185.00. He also purchased property there on January 2, 1808, and a deed from James McClelland was given to John West for a 90 and 1/2 acre tract beginning at the South West corner of James McClelland's corner. The deed was acknowledged April, 1808, and registered June 7, 1808.

There are court records for September 2, 1811, in Dickson, Tenneseee, when John West was selected to serve on a Grand Jury along with a Henry West. In 1813, John West purchased property from Isaac West, Jr., consisting of 92-1/2 acres including plantation where Isaac West, Jr., then lived adjacent to James McClellan's property line. The witnesses to this purchase were Anderson West and Samuel Sparks.

In 1816, there was a deed from Anderson West to William Houston, Sr., both of Dickson County, for $600 a tract of land lying on west fork of Jones Creek. This was attested by John McAdoo and John West.

In October of 1816, John was the listed as the administrator of his father's estate, and Elisha Simmons and wife Polly vs. John Anderson and Polly West, administrator and administrix of Isaac West, deceased.

There were more records of jury duty for John West when he was summoned on July 8, 1817, as a juror for the next court to be held in October. And on August 20, 1818, he was a witness along with Sally West to the will of James McClelland. In 1820 he was still residing in Dickson, Tennessee, and on November 2, 1822, John West purchased land from Jane and John McClelland, 58-1/2 acres of West Fork of Jones Creek adjacent to Nelson McClelland and small piece of land John West bought from Nelson. The witness was William and Thomas McClelland.

John West passed away in March, 1826, at the age of 49, in Dickson, Tennessee, and there was a newspaper article dated April 4, 1826, stating: "Died in Dickson County, Mr. John West."

His estate was administered in 1826 and Sarah West and Samuel West were appointed to administer the estate of John West, deceased. Bond of $1,000 was posted with John Sanders and Thomas McClelland as sureties. Returned on John West Estate ordered to be recorded.

In January of 1827, a sale of John West estate property filed by Samuel West and Sally West, administrators. Buyers included Sary West, Samuel West, John C. West, and Sally West.

September 10, 1836, in Dickson, Tennessee, Sarah West, adm. of John West, deceased, to John Sanders (all of Dickson) for $375 her interests and also interests of son Solomon West and daughter, Phebe, in 3 tracts of land, all part of estate of John West: 92-1/2 acres where Sarah now lives and 2 of 58-1/2 acres each.