Phillip Jackson Barton

January 18, 1864 - April 11, 1947


Phillip Jackson Barton was born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah, the ninth child of William John Barton and Sarah Ester West. Joseph Alan Barton was born in Lebanon, Illinois, (1848 - 1895); William Penn Barton (1853-1853); Daniel King Barton (1854-1917); and Esther Jane Barton (1854-1934) were born in Parowan, Iron County, Utah; Stephen Rollins Barton (1860 - 1944) was born in Minersville, Beaver County, Utah; Sarah Estella Barton (1862 - 1896); Rachel Barton (1863 - 1865); Stonewall Jackson Barton (1864 - Stillborn); Lewis Barton (1867 - 1870); Hugh Jones Barton (1868 - 1946) and Lydia Barton (1873 - 1873) were born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah.

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Left to right are: Phillip Jackson Barton, (unknown person in back),
Daniel King Barton, John Hunter Barton, Stephen Rollins Barton

Phillip's father, William Barton was Born 30 January 1821 at Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois. He entered Salt Lake Valley September 1851. William Barton, originally from Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois, was born to John Barton of Orange County, North Carolina, and Sally Penn of Elbert County, Georgia, on January 30, 1821. The oldest boy and the second child in a family of ten, he had four brothers and five sisters. Elizabeth was the oldest child. John Wesley, one of William's brothers, died when he was eighteen years old. Elizabeth Sarah Penn and Eliza Ann lived less than five years each and were buried in the Barton Cemetery in Lebanon.

On 25 June 1856, William and Esther's first daughter was born, and they named her Esther Jane. In the fall of 1856, William and Esther made a trip to Salt Lake and back to Parowan in their covered wagon. This trip had been planned for quite some time. It was a very special occasion, one they had been looking forward to with great anticipation. On November 10 they were sealed to each other for time and eternity in the old Endowment House. illiam was a carpenter, a mason, a miller, a violinist, a farmer, a brewer and a stockman. He also served as a dentist when needed. Because Polygamy was endorsed for church leaders, which William was, he married Mary Williamson, an English emigrant, 28 August 1857. The two families never lived together, but resided in separate towns. William lived with Mary the rest of his life. This was because Esther seemed to be self-sufficient.

Phillip's mother, Sarah Esther West was born 8 November 1829, in Chalk Level Township, Benton County, Tennessee. She was the first child of Samuel Walker and Margaret Cooper West. "The West's were an ancient family of Knightly Rank, connected by descent and ties of marriage with royal lineage and other families of peerage. They were the oldest families of landed gentry throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain."

William Barton, Sarah Esther West Barton and a son, Joseph Alma Barton, left Lebanon, Illinois, for Utah in the late summer of 1850. They were almost three months crossing the plains by ox team. They remained in Salt Lake until the early spring of 1851, arriving in Parowan April the seventh or eighth.

Phillip and Martha's son Phillip Jackson Jr. died in a plane crash while he was serving as a pilot in World War II. He was flying a B57

Phillip died of Pneumonia - left lung, upper lobe, and chronic myocarditis on April 11, 1947 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah


Father William John Barton

Mother Sarah Esther West

Son Phillip Jackson Barton Jr.

Sister Esher Jane Barton

Sister Amanda Barton

Sister Amy Elizabeth Barton

Brother Charles Hampton Barton


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