Esher Jane Barton

June 25, 1856 - June 17, 1940


Esher Jane Barton is a cousin of mine on my Father's side of the family. Richard Easton -> (1938) -> Ray Easton (1911) -> Eva Jane Barton (1879) -> John Hunter Barton (1858) -> William John Barton (1821)

Esher Jane Barton was born on June 25, 1856 in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah the daughter of William John Barton and Sarah Esther West. William John and Sarah Esther had thirteen children:

Esther Jane married William Seber Stokes on February 5, 1875 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah. William Seber Stokes was born in Sandy Creek, Oswego County, New York on May 6, 1844. He died in Albion, Cassia County, Idaho on June 24, 1904. Esther and William had nine children: William Barton Stokes born on 24 February 1876 and Eulah Esther Stokes born on 25 March 1878, both born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah; George Lane Stokes born on 10 September 1881; Mamie Dell Stokes born on 28 November 1883; Orlando West Stokes born on 15 March 1886; Hugh Stanley Stokes born on 24 October 1888; Ora Delphine Stokes born on 27 December 1890; Steven Scott Stokes born on 27 December 1892 and Hettie Deseret Stokes born on 20 July 1896. The last seven children were born in Albion, Cassia County, Idaho. Esther and William moved from Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah to Albion, Cassia County, Idaho in about 1880.

Esther Jane's father William John Barton

Esther Jane's mother Sarah Esther West