Ray Robert Easton

May 30, 1911 - November 9, 1986


Rex Lish, Ray Easton, John Williams and Ed Larson in the Beaver Canyon, 1965

Ray Easton

March 5, 1899

Oldest sister, Wanda Iretta born in Greenville, Beaver County, Beaver, Utah

Nov. 30, 1900

Brother Angus Barton born in Greenville, Utah

Oct. 29, 1902

Brother William Martell born in Greenville, Utah

Dec. 19, 1904

Sister Vona Rosetta born in Greenville, Utah

Feb. 20, 1907

Brother John Wallace born in Greenville, Utah

May 14, 1907

John Wallace Died

May 6, 1908

Sister Irene Jane born in Milford, Utah

May 30, 1911

Ray was born in Greenville, Utah

December 15,1913

Brother David Ralph was born in Greenville, Utah

January 5, 1915

David Ralph Died

November 4, 1915

Brother James Mack was born in Greenville, Utah

August 5, 1918

Sister Eva Merle was born in Greenville, Utah

July 2, 1921

Ray was baptized.

March 22, 1936

Ordained a Priest in the Aaronic Presthood by Theo Bohn, Bishop of the Beaver East Ward.

May 1, 1937

Married Norma Jensen in Parowan, Utah

July 12, 1938

Son Richard Jensen was born in Beaver, Utah

October 2, 1939

Son Robert Ray was born in Beaver, Utah


Hired as a Car Inspector for the Union Pacific Railroad in Milford, Utah


Purchased 7 acres of land from Neils Jensen in order to build a barn and a new house.


Railroad closed the Milford, Utah stop and so Ray was transferred to Las Vages, Nevada

May 1975

Ray retired from the Union Pacific Railroad

Oct. 1986

Ray collapsed from a ruptured anurism and was rushed to the Beaver County Hospital and lifelined by helicopter to Salt Lake City

Nov. 9, 1986

Ray Easton Passed Away in the University of Utah Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah


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