Francis Joseph O'Connor

August 9, 1903 - June 13, 1982


Francis Joseph O'Connor was born on August 9, 1903 in St. Thomas, Pembina County, North Dakota. His parents were Archibald McEldren O'Connor and Margaret Amelia Brennon. These pictures are of the family home in St. Thomas.



Francis married Margaret Ann Dickover and moved from North Dakota to Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.


They lived at 3404 N. E. Multnomah Street. These pictures are of their home.


Margaret loved to garden and the following are pictures of their backyard


Francis worked as a salesman for the two companies, White Stag and Weatherby Rifle. His sales area covered the states of Oregon and Idaho. He was on the road most of the time. The following are photos of the two companies.


Francis traveled by car and he loved his Cadillac.


Francis and Margaret had two daughters, Mary Catherine and Susan Breffni, Francis was very proud of them.


Francis died of a heart attack while watching TV on June 13, 1982 at the age of 78.

Francis Memorial Service Program

Photos of Francis