Moroni David Morgan

March 25, 1859 - February 21, 1932


David D. Morgan He was born in Methyr, Tydfil, Glamorgan, South Whales on March 4, 1817, the first child of John Morgan and Sarah Davis. David had two brothers; Isaac Morgan, born January 23, 1789 and died March 8, 1842; John Morgan, born 1822 and died in 1824. He had two sisters: Mary Morgan, born January 7, 1825 and died February 14, 1878; Sarah Morgan, born December 21, 1827 and died December 16, 1893. All of the children were born in Merthyr, Tydil, Glamorgan, Wales. Isaac and John died in Merthyr and Sarah died in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah. I am not sure where Mary died.

David married Jane Lewis on December 24, 1842 in Tabernacle Chapel, Tydfil Minor, Glamorganshire, Wales. David and Jane had five children: Sarah Morgan who was born on October 31, 1827 in Merthyr; Joseph Hyrum Morgan who was born on July 16, 1854 in Kansas while the family was crossing the plains; David Alexamder Morgan who was born on February 15, 1856 in Cedar City, Iron County, Utah; Moroni David Morgan who was born on March 25, 1859 in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah and Eliza Jane Morgan who was born on April 8, 1861 in Parowan, Iron County, Utah

Moroni and his sister Eliza Jane

The family crossed the plains in 1854, settling in Cedar City, Iron County, Utah. The family also lived in Parowan and Beaver City, before settling in Greenville.

Jane Lewis died on December 1, 1863 in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah at the age of 40 while David D. Morgan died in Greenville on May 13, 1870 at the age of 53.

After their arrival in Salt Lake City, David being experienced as a miner in Merthyr-Tydfil, even though he is listed as a farmer when entering the United States in New Orleans, probably went to Cedar City to help open the Iron Mountain Mine west of Cedar. This would account for his family being listed in the 1856 Census of Cedar City, Utah. It is not known how long they stayed in Salt Lake City before coming to Cedar City but probably not long as the Saints were sent by Brigham Young or chose for themselves to locate where they felt they could provide for their family. Family history states that "after they reached Salt Lake City they decided to go to Cedar City." (Sketch of the Life of Eliza Jane Morgan Barton by her daughter, Eva Barton Easton -- about 1953). In the 1856 census of Cedar City the following people are listed together as though in one household. Page 636 shows David Morgan with the following: Jane, Sarah, Mary, Joseph H., Isaac, William, Ann, and Eleanor. It is not known whether they are linked together through kinship or friendship. Speculation would say that they are related in some way. For example, did David's brother, Isaac, emigrate with David? Further research is needed to help answer these questions.

Three years after their arrival in the Deseret Territory, their third child and second son, Alexander Morgan, was born on September 15th, 1857 in Cedar City, Utah. Alexander was probably named after Jane's father: Alexander Lewis.

If David came to Cedar City to work in the Iron Mountain Mine, he did not stay in Cedar very long. In 1859 their fourth child and third son Moroni David was born in Beaver, Utah on March the 25th, 1859. And just two years later their fifth child and second daughter, Eliza Jane was born in Paragonah, Utah on April the 8th of 1861. Family history gives the following account of Eliza Jane's birth and shows the ordeals often expected of a pioneer mother to endure as she experienced the rigors of pioneer living. "Mother was born April 8, 1861 in Paragonah, Utah. Her mother was alone at the time Mother was born (in front of the hearth)." (Eliza Jane Morgan Barton as related by her son, Kenneth Asa Barton). Some time after Eliza Jane's birth, the family moved to Greenville, Beaver, Utah, a little farming community situated in what was then considered the "west fields" of Beaver City.

The City of Beaver in Beaver County was settled and established as a city in February 1856. The City of Beaver grew rapidly in business and population until in 1870 the inhabitants numbered 1,207. There was mining and political interests galore. Many dignitaries of note came and went as from a metropolis (Monuments to Courage, 1974, p 95).

The early settlers named Beaver County after the thousands of Beaver found in the river and other streams. The Beaver is also used as the emblem or seal of Beaver County. Beaver County is mountainous with an altitude of 5970 feet, in the eastern or Beaver Valley, and 4962 feet in the western or Milford Valley.

Greenville, a small town located some five miles southwest of Beaver was settled in 1860 by a group of people from Parowan and Cedar City. As early as 1857, however, these people had been coming here to cut the grasses, of which there was abundance, and haul it home to feed their stock through the winter (Monuments to Courage, 1974, p 95). Perhaps this abundance of grasses readily available to feed live stock was one of the reasons David was attracted to this little community and moved his family there sometime after Eliza Jane was born in 1861.

Moroni David Morgan was born in Beaver City, Beaver County on March 25, 1859. He married Mary Permilia Morrill on March 20, 1895. Mary was born in Summitt, Iron County, Utah on April 2, 1877. They were married in Manti, Sanpete County, Utah

Moroni and his wife Mary Permilia Morrill

Moroni and Mary moved to Circleville, Piute County, Utah in 1895 where their first four children were born. Emma Jane was born on Demeber 9, 1895; Moroni Ulmont on January 30, 1989; Evera on January 30, 1900 and Rula on July 5, 1903.

The family moved to Kimberly, Twin Falls County, Idaho in the Spring of 1904 where they built one of the first houses in Kimberly.

Moroni and Mary in front of their new home.

Moroni and Mary had five more children who were born in Kimberly, Twin Falls County, Idaho: Erma Melia and David Rupert were born on May 14, 1910; Allie Uvah, born on September 12, 1906; Una Louise, born on July 9, 1915; Ray Delbert, born on November 7, 1917. Vernal Evera was born on October 3, 1930; he may have been adopted by David and Mary.

Morgan home several years later.

Moroni David Morgan died in Falls City, Jerome County, Idaho on February 21. 1931 at the age of 72. He was buried in the Twin Falls, Twin Falls County cemetery.

Moroni's father David D. Morgan

Moroni's wife Mary Permelia Morrill

Daughter Emma Jane Morgan


Daughter Rula Morgan

Daughter Erma Melia

Son David Rupert Morgan

Daughter Allie Uvah Morgan

Daughter Una Louise Morgan

Son Ray Delbert Morgan