Theodore McKinley Cox
November 4, 1900 - January 27, 1961



Theodore "Theo" McKinley Cox was born in Beaver City, Beaver County, Utah on November 4, 1900, the fourth child of William James Cox and Laura Ann Skinner. His siblings were: Silas L. Cox, born August 20, 1863; Deliah Francis Cox, born October 17, 1870; and Mary Josephine Cox, born September 4, 1876.

The following was written by his Granddaughter, Marianne Lee on October 8, 1970. She was a student in Mr. Joseph's Sixth Grade Class.

My Grandfather Cox was born on November 4, 1900 in Beaver, Utah. He is the son of William J. and Laura Skinner Cox.

On Decembe 23, 1922, he married my Grandmother, Vona Easton. They are the parents of four children, Mrs. Lee (Lena Rae) Rogers, Palm Dale, California; Mrs. George (Shirley) Van Gerven, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Robert (Colleen) Lee, who is my mother, Beaver City; and Jimmy Cox, Cedar City. They have 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

When Grandpa was a boy, he worked with his father on the farm and he loved horses. On Haloween, he and his friends would tip over all of the outhouses in Beaver that they could. He loved to dance, and he ...

Grandpa's father died when he was 17, and he took over the farm until he was very seriously hurt in a State Road accident on July 4, 1938. He was in the hospital for many days and on cruches for 2 1/2 years. Because he was unable to operate, the farm was sold to Abe Murdock, today it is owned by Roy Yardley and located down the creek bed. When he was able to work again, he worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in Milford, Utah.

Grandpa's favorite holiday was Christmas when his children and grandchildren would come home. His favorite food was fried potatoes that he would cook himself.

My grandpa died on January 27, 1961. I don't remember him because I was only 1 year old when he died. My grandmother says that I used to walk by everyone else and get to him to feel in his overall pockets for a treat that he always had for me.

Grandpa loved his grandchildren very much and I am sorry that he could not have lived to enjoy us longer.

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Father William James Cox

Mother Laura Ann Skinner

Wife Vona Rosetta Easton

Daughter Lena Rae Cox

Daughter Shirley Jane Cox

Daughter Colleen Cox

Son James Dale Cox


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