Lived to the age of ninety-eight
Mary at age ?
Mary Cali Bruno was born in Rebra, Sicily on May 13, 1901. Her parents were Giovanni and Rosaria Cali. She was the sixth of seven children, two brothers and four sisters.
Mary had two brothers Vito and Carmelo and one sister Josephine Catalans who had previously come to the United States. They had sent for her.
Mary Cali arrived in the United States in 1922 at the age of 21 years. Her first city of residence in the United States was Clinton, Indiana where her relatives had settled.
Mary Cali married Anthony Bruno in Clinton, Indiana at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 1922. After this marriage Mary and Anthony settled in Terre Haute, Indiana at 1349 Wabash Avenue where her husband owned and operated a shoe repair and sales store.
Mary Cali Bruno had three children from that marriage. Lawrence was born in 1923, John in 1925, and a daughter Mary was born in 1927.
Mary Cali's husband Anthony died on Christmas day in 1946. Her husband of some 24 years. Mary Cali Bruno continued to live at the Wabash Avenue location where her son Lawrence resumed the family business until her death in 1999.
Mary Cali Bruno was a life long member of St. Benedict Church.
She was interred at Calvary Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana along side her husband Anthony. She is survived by one son Lawrence, her daughter Mary, eight grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.

Mary and Anthony -
picture taken in 19??.

Mary and ? sewing -
picture taken in 19??.


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