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History of Easton Biographies

The Biographies on this site began with the development of the web site that was created by Dave Cochran as a business idea. He enlisted Guy J Hale and me to help build the pages. The site was a great idea, but the business never got off of the ground.

After a couple of years, the work to get the business going, came to an end and I started adding my family pages to the site. I used many sources, one of which was the book, "Frederick John Levi and his family", that was written by Dewey J. & Paul D. Levie. This work was developed by them after many years of research which took them into Canada trying to find the 2nd generation ancestors of Frederick John Levi. They also had input from many of the then living relatives in the Levie, or Levi families.

Excellent sources found on the sites "", "Find a Grave" and "Free Family History"; as well as information contained on the web sites "", a web site about residents in Greenville, Beaver County, Utah and the Barton web site, now located at "". The stories that I have includes are remarkable and most were contained in the pages in the web site "".

Please send any comments about this web site to:  Richard Jensen Easton